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Regenerative agriculture systems implemented with success.

Using proven plant and soil analysis technology refined over a decade, Apical’s enterprise-grade solutions are more precise, cost effective and eco-friendly than traditional crop advising services.

Our geospatially integrated laboratory data platform provides opportunities to optimize fertilizer efficiency, minimize plant stress, and empowers growers to improve their crop quality in regenerative agriculture systems.

Our laboratory is a world leader in the diagnostics of plant and soil mineral health. Through a variety of precision analytical methods, we provide critical insights to top producers

  • Leaf Extract Analysis
  • Complete Soil Analysis
  • Precision Water Analysis
  • Active Carbon Analysis

Our methodical process for implementation & maintenance of successful organic and regenerative agricultural systems minimizes potential problems through science and technology.

  • Detailed Reports
  • Online Data Platform
  • Custom Crop Programs
  • Geospatial Integration

Our international network of mineral sources, fertilizer manufacturers and microbial laboratories build custom solutions for our customers.

  • Carbon Blended Minerals
  • Liquid Fertilizers
  • Soil & Plant Amendments
  • Biological Amendments
  • Biopesticides